Here are some of the questions and answers about the safety and efficacy of JULÄINE™


JULÄINE™ is a CE marked injectable implant intended to be used in adult, immune-competent individuals to compensate skin depression due to connective tissue imperfections, scars or for cosmetic purposes. (¹)

What is the treatment plan of JULÄINE™?

The treatment plan consists of a maximum of 3 sessions of treatment, 2-4 weeks apart. Your aesthetic professional will be the one responsible for designing your treatment plan. (²)

What is the expected time for results?

Soon after treatment, your skin will be improved in quality, colour and glow, with a tightening effect progressively increasing over time. Please consult our “Before and after” section for pictures of our treatments. (²)

What are the side effects?

Possible side effects are related to the injection site including redness, short-term pain and short-term bleeding at the site of needle tip penetration during injection, which are generally relieved within a few days. For a more detailed list please read our complete safety information. (¹)